Monthly Meetings - 2020:

Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month (January excepted) from 7:30PM in the CSIRO Parkes Observatory Visitors Centre. All are welcome.

Month Guest Speaker/Programme Talk Title and Comments
1st of FebruaryTim AndersonAstrophotography
6th of MarchJohn SarkissianMarking Time - Leap Years
3rd of AprilJohn SarkissianApollo 13 and Parkes
1st of MayTBATBA
5th of JuneTBATBA
3rd of JulyTBATBA
7th of AugustTBATBA
4th of SeptemberAGMMembers
2nd of OctoberTBATBA
6th of NovemberTBATBA
4th of DecemberTBAChristmas Meeting

Dark Sky Observing Nights - 2020:

The Dark Sky Oberving Nights are held twice every month - the Saturday night's closest to the new Moon and the last-quarter Moon.

Dark Sky Night Location
2nd of FebruaryCookamidgera
9th of February Sylvania
2nd of MarchCookamidgera
9th of MarchSylvania
30th of MarchSylvania
6th of AprilCookamidgera
27th ofAprilSylvania
4th of MayCookamidgera
25th of MaySylvania
1st of JuneCookamidgera
29th of JuneSylvania
6th of JulyCookamidgera
27th of July Sylvania
3rd of AugustCookamidgera
24th of AugustSylvania
31st of AugustCookamidgera
21st of SeptemberSylvania
28th of SeptemberCookamidgera
19th of OctoberSylvania
26th of OctoberCookamidgera
23rd of NovemberSylvania
30th of November Cookamidgera

Lunar Observing Nights - 2020:

The Lunar Observing Nights are held once a month on the Saturday night closest to the first quarter Moon. The meetings begin in the afternoon and include a technical meeting and barbecue for members. The Moon is observed during the day and into the evening.

Lunar Night Location